Friday, September 28, 2007


Thank God I'm Forgiven!
Although I haven't yet chosen God as my savior, I am learning about him everyday. Mama and Daddy help me pray, read stories in the Bible and tell me that Jesus loves me!
My friend Ainsley came over for a playtime this morning. She took a nap for some of the time, but we did get to play.
I took a nap just after Ainsley left for two hours! Mama relaxed and did the laundry while I napped.
This afternoon I got to splash in the kitchen sink while Mama did the dishes. I had quite a bit of fun. Mama gave me a sponge that wasn't full of soap because I kept wanting to put hers in my mouth! Yuck!
I'm was very happy to see Daddy come in the door after work! He and I are playing games now that dinner is over! Its almost time for bath, stories and bed. I'll write more later!
All my love,

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