Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Cummings #4

Today we had our BIG ultrasound.  This is typically the ultrasounds where couples find out the gender.  We chose not to this time around!  James thinks I'm completely insane and that he's not going to be able to wait.  I figure I'm already 21 weeks and 2 days; past our halfway mark, what's another 19 weeks?!?!

We did get to see some amazing things!  The 4 chamber heart, beating!  Absolutely priceless!  A full stomach which means Baby is swallowing normally.  We saw ribs, the spine, the femur on both legs and even got a cute profile picture showing Baby's sweet button nose!

Here are two pictures that I was able to load on our computer!

Cute button nose and lips!

Baby waving "HI!"

All our love,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

January 2011, part 2

Josie's first steps!!!  Way to go Sissy Beth!!!

Baby C #4 - due Aug 6
All our love!!!

January 2011

Catching up January 2011!



These next pics are terrible-they're from my phone's camera.  We had a total blast though.  Thanks Uncle Ronald!!!!
Heading out to Elmo Live!

The stage!

The kids enjoying every minute of it!  Lindsey and I just making silly smile faces at each other-ha!

The stage again-blurry is kind of cool, right?
Ben's first day at Mockingbird!!
Sled ride

Sled ride down the hill-all by himself!

Nate pulling Ben on the sled

Snowball fight :)

Ben crawling through the snow

Ben the snow angel

Nate the snow angel
Burying daddy

Josie's first sled ride
Ben going down the hill again!

Snow pile!

Family picture!  Ben was too busy playing to be interrupted for a still shot!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

December-catching up, part 2

Apparently you're only allowed so many pictures per post.  So here goes the last few pictures and a couple of videos!

Josie's first pigtails-they lasted all of 30 seconds or so! Ha!

Nate giving us a lemon rind smile!

Ben's video of pushing Josie in the basket

Nate's video of pushing Josie in the basket

All our love!

December-catching up

Nate and Ben were creative and created a stick horse.

Made from wrapping paper, Josie's kangaroo and a bucket helmet to match!

A favorite hiding spot-the tv cabinet

Josie's new favorite snack?

We got to meet two of Santa's reindeer and sit in his sleigh!

Nate having a fun time decorating sugar cookies

Ben's showing off his creation!

Mommy & Daddy's newest creation-due August 6, 2011!

Sweet Jo

Ben loves building things with our couch cushions-today, a house

Ben pushing Josie in the basket

Josie loving it!!!

Nate's turn to push Josie!

The boys watching Handy Manny

All our love

Happy 1st Birthday Josephine Lily Beth!!!!

It is hard to believe that our sweet Josie is 1 year old already!  It has been a pleasure and a joy having a little girl added to our family.  Here are some picture from her day!

Birthday Pancakes-a fun tradition!
Blowing out her first candle!!

She is thrilled to take a picture with Mama

Our sweet birthday princess

Snarfing a yummy cup cake

Ben's cup cake smile

Nina & Ben

Great Grandma JoJo & Nina

Ben & Mama

Uncle David & Great Grandma JoJo

Josie with her namesake Great Grandma JoJo
All our love!

Monday, January 24, 2011

November-catching up

Playing Disney Yahtzee with Nina!
Nate's outfit for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner!

Josie's 1 year photo shoot proof! 
Nate singing "Sunbeam"

Ben singing "Sunbeam"

It has been WAY to long since an updated.  I will be posting over the next several days to bring us to where we are today!!!

All our love!