Friday, May 7, 2010

Branson, May 2010

We had a super fun week with Lala and Papa in Branson! Here is our fun through photos!

The biggest bath tub ever! More like a pool to two little boys!

Nate watching Ben in wonder.

Ben applying his bubble beard


Waiting patiently for the Silver Dollar City Express Train

It's coming!

Doing a happy dance because the train is coming!

All smiles! His conductor had was a gift from our last trip to SDC!

Mama and Josie!

Mama, Ben and Nate!

Our conductor and the "robber"!

Josie and Lala snuggling

Waiting in line for the "Hoppy Frogs"

Mama, Ben and Nate riding the "Hoppy Frogs". Ben and I loved this ride! Nate was really unsure of it!

These next few pictures are from the "Flooded Mine" ride. This was Ben's favorite last summer-and Nate really liked it this summer!

This fence was just really cool-so I took its picture! ;)

Josie hanging out and looking all cute!

We've got a golfer on our hands!

Relaxing on the green!

Ball was lost in the dinosaur trap!

Lala and Papa watched the kiddos one night so we could head to the Sight & Sound Theatre. It was beautiful!

We got to see "Noah; the musical". The story of Noah come to life!

They had animatronic animals just like this one as well as real animals!

Nate in front of the ark

The lion and the lamb

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 months old!!

It is so hard to believe that Josie is already 5 months old!

Here are a few shots of her modeling her Bumbo seat and showing you how she is learning to sit on her own!

All our love!!