Monday, September 10, 2007

My mini-vacation

My mini-vacation all started last Saturday when my Grandma Nina came to visit me and my mommy and daddy here in Oklahoma City! After she got settled, we read my Thomas the Tank Engine book together. My Grandma Nina bought this book for me when we first moved to Oklahoma City.On Sunday, we all went to church together. After church though we came home and went swimming. Grandma Nina didn't have a bathing suit, but she put her legs in and let me splash them. Grandma Nina took a picture of me and Mama swimming with my new friend Whale.

Monday was labor day and we stayed home and did no labor--the horror! ;) We stayed home and played all day! It was great! On Tuesday, Grandma Nina, Mama and I made the trek from Oklahoma City to Omaha. It was a long day, but an okay one. We stopped quite a few times for my sake--at places like a park! But mostly I played with my toys in the car. It was fun! I also got to visit with my Uncle TJ when we first got to town!

Wednesday was a full day of visiting friends and family. Mama and I dropped Grandma Nina off at work for the morning while we went to visit our friends John, Lindsey and Lyla! Lyla and I played for a little bit, but she was starting to get a cold and wasn't feeling like playing as much as I wanted to. I also got to visit Open Door Mission where Mama and Daddy used to work. We only visited our friends in the admin. building. It was great to see everyone! Grandma Nina, Mama and I spent most of our afternoon visiting my Great-Grandma Jo. I love her so much! She couldn't believe how big I have gotten and how much hair I have on my head! She was impressed with how I walk and how I pick objects up. Before bedtime, Grandma Nina helped me put on a piano concert for Mama. We even called Daddy and gave him a concert over the phone!

Thursday my Grandma Nina's cousins Susan and Kent came over for lunch with us. They brought yummy veggie pizza! I got to sit on the dining table after lunch was over and play a game with Kent. He sure was a fun guy!

Friday was another wonderful day at Grandma's house. We spent lots of time in the backyard watching princess and crawling through the grass. Mama's favorite part of the day was watching me eat a tomato straight from Grandma's garden!

For dinner on Friday night, Daddy, Mama and I got to visit our friends Derek, Heidi and Joey. Joey and I had fun playing together! We got along pretty well. I got to learn how to climb up steps at Joey's house! I didn't want to stop once I had started either! Mama says I was being such a curious and silly boy! I also had fun discovering the air conditioning vents. At our house in Oklahoma City they are at the tops of the walls. At Joey's house, they are on the floor. It was great!

Saturday we had a family barbecue for my Uncle TJ's birthday. It was in August, but we wanted to celebrate together. So everyone came over to my Grandma Nina's house for lunch. Mama made coleslaw, potato salad, jello salad, bbq chicken, steak, hot dogs and my Great Grandma Jo brought a watermelon! It was a feast! None of us walked out of the dining room hungry, that's for sure! We had a movie night at my Uncle TJ's house that night because Grandma Nina had to lead Kid's Alive at her church.

On Sunday morning, we went to Brookside. It was good to see all of our friends from Brookside. They were all very excited to hold me and play with me. I especially had fun playing with my friends Colin and Andrew. I can't wait to be a big boy like them! They're in elementary school and were helping me with my walking and they even showed me their drawings! Daddy, Mama and I spent the afternoon driving back to Oklahoma City. It was a very long drive. I was very ready to be out of the car by the time we got home!

Well, that was my vacation! I can't wait to get back into the swing of my routine here at home. It feels good to be back, that's for sure. Although, I know that I will miss all of my family and friends in Omaha! Lord willing, we'll make it back soon though!

All my love,

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