Sunday, September 23, 2007

Super Sunday

Today was a great day. Mama and I woke up to play games together, spend some time worshipping God at church, take a nap, go for a swim and snuggle for bed.
The thing that was a "first" today took place just before storytime tonight. Mama asked Daddy to go and get a pair of scissors and a bowl. Mama gave me my first haircut. (Its too bad our camera is no longer working---cause I look good!) :)

Tomorrow is Monday which means my friend Ainsley comes for a play time. Yippee!!!!
All my love,


Anonymous said...

Oh, Benjamin, I hope that they didn't really give you a bowl haircut! Hopefully they used it to put the hair in!

Hope you had a happy 11 month old day! You are sure growing up!

The Cummings Family said...

No, no bowl haircut. I wanted to collect the curls to save!
Thanks for commenting!