Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a day!

Happy Sunday! We have had so much fun. First off we went to church and Ms. Joyce told Mama that I was the best baby. There were 5 infants, me and a couple of walking toddlers. The other babies kept the nursery workers busy, but I had fun playing and entertaining!

After church, Mama suggested we go to the Quail Springs Mall because they have a kids play area. I had so much fun!
Here I am standing up and holding onto one of the toys.

Mama and I had fun crawling around the play area.

Daddy helped me get read to crawl through the dog house.

Then tonight Mama and I went to the spray park. It was loads of fun. We got soaking wet! It was the best!

This was when the fountain started spraying me.

I was sitting so close to the fountain that it started squirting in my mouth!

Well, its bathtime. I'm going to go splash in the tubby with Mama. Have a good night.
All my love,

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