Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oklahoma City Zoological Park

Today was a great day! Mama and I went to the OKC Zoo this morning. It was a good day because it was FREE admission! Mama thought that it would be the perfect chance to check out what the zoo was like. She always has great ideas!

It was a beautiful day-quite warm already when we arrived at the zoo at 8:30 this morning. Mama made sure to bring extra bottles of water so that we could keep cool. One thing that was a nice surprise was the amount of shade that was along the walking paths. That helped keep us cooler as well!
We got to see so many neat animals: an ant eater, a tortoise, kangaroos, meerkats, a red panda bear (we even got to see him being fed), seals, an albino peacock, and so many other animals. Here are some pictures that Mama took.

Kangaroos playing and lounging in the warm sun.

A family of meerkats looking out at the crowd.

A rhino basking in his glory.

One of the zoo's staff members feeding the red panda a green grape.

Mama took this picture of what looked like an albino peacock. She said she'd never seen one before.

Although the animals were great, my favorite thing at the zoo today was the spraying misters! I loved them!

Well, that's my day today. I'm pooped and should get to bed.

All my love,

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Lori said...

Were there any penguins at the zoo?