Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas

Both of the boys love saying this. I taught Ben last year how to say Merry Christmas in sign language since he wasn't using too many words. He has continued this tradition along with saying Merry Christmas. I love it! Nate says the Ho, Ho, Ho part and has attempted the sign language. Josie just looks pretty and doesn't say much ;) Here are some pictures to recount our fun time!

Our Christmas tree and goodies after Santa made his delivery

The stockings that Nina made us filled with Santa's goodies

Each of the boys had an unwrapped gift from Santa...this car was the big hit!

Ben liked the car too!

Nate amongst the gifts

The boys got a candy cane filled with candy and Nate got this big bouncy ball....

They were playing hockey with the candy canes and ball with Daddy

Ben opening his gift from Lala and Papa-a big tonka truck!

Nate opening his camera from Mama and Daddy

Say Cheese!

Ben showing off his new watch from Lala and Papa

Nate before opening his present from Papa Tom and Grandma Jeannie (pots & pans)

Ben with is play food from Papa Tom and Grandma Jeannie

Ben and Nate watching the tractor plow our driveway

It snowed ALL day here...thank you Lord for our wonderful neighbor Pat who plowed us out!

We had fun playing in the bath at the end of the evening


Josie had a great time too--she slept!

All our love!

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