Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve! We're a couple of days late, but here are our pictures from the day!

Josie wearing the same outfit Ben wore on his first Christmas Eve! It says "Don't open until Christmas!"

The boys showing off the stockings that Lala has made for them and Josie

Just too cute not to post ;)

We spent the late morning at Bass Pro Shop's Santa's Wonderland. They had FREE (my fav. word!) Santa pictures :) The kids did great! In fact, when our turn was done, Nate didn't want to get off of Santa's lap!

I was able to find another stocking holder at Walmart tonight that matched ours from previous years. So here the boys are modeling all 5 stockings from Lala!

Nathaniel snuggling Josie in front of the Christmas tree before bedtime.

Nate giving Josie kisses

Ben snuggling Josie and Nate giving his new-found "Cheese" face!

Ben giving a cheese face!

Nate cheesing it up and Ben laughing at him--Josie sleeping through it all!

Sleeping under the tree

Ben snuggling Josie again

He loves his baby

Cheese! Can't wait for Santa to arrive!

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