Thursday, October 4, 2007

We're back.....

.....and bearing pictures!!!

Today was a great day! Daddy took this morning off from work to spend some extra time with Mama and me. He left this afternoon to go an hour north of OKC with his staff for a staff retreat. He'll be back tomorrow around dinner time.

Mama had a dentist appointment this afternoon so I got to have a playdate with Ms. Heather and Ainsley at Ainsley's house! I had so much fun! Ainsley has some really fun toys and she shared them with me. Ms. Heather said that I was a really good boy. I didn't even cry when Mama gave me a hug and kiss goodbye!

When Mama and I got home tonight, there was a notice on our door to go to the apartment office to pick up a package....yippee! Mama knew exactly what it was. Our new camera! She was really excited to start taking pictures of me again. In fact, she took 52 pictures! Can you believe that?!?! Here are a few of them...

Singing along with Baby Tad.

Helping Baby Tad learn to dance.

Holding hands and dancing.

Giving Tad a kiss and hug.

So happy to have a new camera!

Look at my big blue tongue!

I'm so happy that you looked at my blog!

All my love,

P.S. I have updated the shoes and haircut blog postings with their appropriate pictures. Although they weren't taken on the actual days, I thought it would be fun to post those pictures with their stories! Enjoy!

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