Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I can't believe that today is all about me turning one! It has been a busy but fun day! Mama and Daddy sang me "Happy Birthday" this morning after I woke up. We all got dressed and headed to the picture store so that I could get my picture taken for my birthday. Miss Becca took my pictures again today like she did in August. She was so much fun! She made silly sounds and faces at me so that I would smile at the camera! All of my pictures will be on their website soon, so I'll show them to you when they are ready. When we were done getting my pictures taken, we headed home to get everything in the house ready for my party. Mama and Daddy did the decorating last night so Mama just did a couple of last minute things. My friends Janet, Chris and Luke were here at our house early because they came all the way from Kansas to visit me. My friends Brian, Heather and Ainsley came around 2:30. We opened presents, played and ate food together! It was time for everyone to leave before we had candles and cake, so Mama and Daddy sang to me. Mama captured it on video! I had a really great day; check out some of the pictures we took!
All my love,
Mama took a picture of the clock at 1:46 a.m. That is the time I was born at one year ago.

Playing with the balloons Mama blew up before we headed out for pictures.

The wonderful spread of goodies Mama made for me and my guests.

Make a birthday wish! Do you like my crown?

Daddy helped me open my very first birthday present!

This is my new hammer. My friend Luke gave it to me!

What could this big red box be? My friend Ainsley helped me rip all the paper off!

This sports toy was in that big red box. Mama and Daddy gave it to me. I have already made many baskets in the hoop!

Mama and I snuggling after all of my guests left. I was pretty pooped!

If you check out my dropshots page, there is the video of Mama and Daddy singing to me.
Thank you again for helping make my first birthday extra special!
All my love,

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