Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrate Oklahoma

Yesterday Mama, Daddy, and I met friends downtown to watch the Centennial Parade. Oklahoma is 100 years old, that is really old because I will be only 1 this coming Saturday. I can't wait. Well I want to show you some of the great things I got to see today

Mama and I waiting for the parade to start

Daddy and I waiting for the parade to start

This is one of the many starts at the beginning of the parade

This is a Native American Float. Oklahoma is made up of all kinds of Tribal Nations. There are no reservations in Oklahoma, but there are 68 tribal headquarters in the state.

They even had people dressed up dancing. They had pretty costumes.

This is a oil direk. Oil is a big thing here in Oklahoma

James Garner was the Grand Marshall. He is an old actor. I am to young to know who he was but Daddy thinks that my Papa Ron would know.

We got to see a train. I want a train set when I grow up.

This is country music singer "Ty England" He could really sing.

We even got to see old fashion tractors. My uncle Ronald would have loved them

We got to see "Horton" from Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat was there to but we did not get a good picture of him.

Well that is all the pictures for today. I hope you all had a great Sunday.

Love, Benjamin


Papa & Grandma said...

Sounds like a great parade. Yes, Benjamin, Papa knows who James Garner is.

Anonymous said...

Your right Benjamin. Uncle Ronald does like the green tractors. They are called John Deere. Its incle Ronald favorite tractor