Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family Day

Today Mama, Daddy and I were able to have a family day together! It was a slow-snuggly wake-up this morning, so Mama and I snuggled under my Canada blanket that my Auntie Anne sent me.

This afternoon we went for a fun day out on the town. The best thing was shopping for my birthday party supplies! The party store was a pretty neat place. :) Although they had a lot of scary looking things for halloween. :(

Mama thought I was a very silly boy today because I found a wrapped bar of soap and started chewing on it! Mama said I hadn't done anything that deserved my mouth needing cleaned out with soap, but that it was funny anyway!

Well, its my bedtime. I hope all is well!

All my love,

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Papa & Grandma said...

Grandma is sure that you wouldn't say anything that deserved soap! I wish I was there to snuggle with you and your Canada blanket!