Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Great Grandma Jo

I wanted everyone to meet my Great Grandma Jo. She and I love to snuggle. She turned 89 last week and is just so much fun. Mama and I went to visit her this afternoon and are planning to go visit one more time tomorrow before we move--we're going to take Daddy with us though for tomorrow's visit. Here is a picture of my Great Grandma Jo and I snuggling.
I also got to play cars with my Great Uncle David. He's a really neat guy who knows how to play fun games. He has two grandboys of his own, so he has lots of experience playing.

Daddy is finishing up the packing as I sleep and Mama types this blog. We're going to have dinner with our friends Derek, Heidi and Joey tonight. Mama made banana bread to take with us--yummo! We'll blog our next blog from OKC!

Love to all,

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