Saturday, April 28, 2007

He's Official!

Well folks, my Daddy is official. He made it onto the City Rescue Mission website. Check him out!

I love him so much! I am proud of how he and my Mama have followed the Lord's leading by moving to Oklahoma City. I miss my Grandma Nina, my Uncle T.J., my Great Grandma Jo and all my friends at Brookside so very much, but I know that I'll see them again soon!

Here is a picture of me taking a drink of water out of a sippy cup. My doctor said that I could start trying a sippy cup if Mama would let me. I LOVE water! Whenever Mama takes a drink of her water, I want to have a drink too!
This afternoon was really sunny, so Mama and Grandma Sheila took me for a walk. I got to wear one of my ball caps. I then wore it out tonight when we went out for dinner. Grandma Sheila and Papa Ron used to take my Daddy and his brothers out for dinner at the end of their first week back to school when they were boys. So she decided it would be a great treat to take Daddy out for dinner since it was the end of his first week at his new job. Mama took a picture of me while out on the town in my ball cap.

Well, I had better go for now. Tomorrow is supposed to be 73 degrees without much humidity. We're planning a busy day exploring Oklahoma City! Ta ta for now.

Love to all,

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