Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sickie Day

Well, it was a sickie day for me today. I slept in with Mama this morning because I wasn't feeling too well.

Mama and I snuggled a lot today because of my fever. She called the nurse at Dr. Arispe's office to make sure that my fever wasn't too high. The nurse said that the first 24 hours after vaccinations, kids can get fevers. So Mama and I just took it easy today. I got to take a lukewarm bath and splash around--that helped bring my fever down, besides the yummy grape tylenol Mama gives me.

I am hoping that tomorrow I feel better because my Grandma Sheila and Papa Ron are coming to visit me! The last time I saw them was over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I've grown a lot since then and can't wait to show them! I also can't wait to give them a squdge. I'd better head to bed now so that I have energy for tomorrow.

I love you,Benjamin

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Lori said...

Hi, Benjamin! Kelsie used to get really sick after her needles. Her fever used to go up over 103 degrees! Auntie Lori and Uncle Carl find that Children's Motrin works much better than Tylenol and it lasts much longer (up to 8 hours). They always feel better much faster with Motrin (Advil). The pediatricians here always reccommend it instead. When Kendra was really sick with her kidney, that's what they always gave her at the hospital. You can then use Tylenol in between doses if you need to. They always gave them Motrin about 30 minutes before their appointment for needles, too. That helps you to not get as sick with the needles.

Hope you're feeling better soon! Grandma and Papa had left when I Auntie Lori tried to call them early this morning.

Auntie Lori