Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Its my first Valentine's Day! I hope your day has been as good as mine. I started the day by giving Daddy his Valentine's present from me.
The bell rang this morning and the flower shop brought a really pretty bouquet of roses and orchids for Mama from Daddy and I. Then I spent 1/2 of the day with Daddy while Mama went to work. After Mama got home, we played games and took pictures of me in my Valentine's Day bib from Uncle Carl, Auntie Lori and my cousins Kelsie and Kendra.

My Mama was also helping me to stand up from a sitting position. But I didn't really need any help--just to have my Mama hold my hands--because I used my strong muscles to stand up all by myself! Tonight I am going to spend some time with my Grandma Nina while Mama and Daddy have a movie night.
I love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Cummings Family Album said...

You look so sweet with your new bib! I wish that I could be there to give you the hugs and kisses to go with it!

Auntie Lori