Sunday, February 18, 2007

Comfy Cozy

I finally got to ride in my new carseat! Daddy installed it last night so that when we went to church this morning I could be safe and comfy. Oh, it was like the cadillac of carseats...although I don't really know what a cadillac is ;) Mama thinks we'll need to get some window shades for the windows though- now that I don't have the shade on my carseat. I'm excited because I get to use my seat again when we go to Bible Study tonight.
This morning at church was my first day in the nursery. Mama thought it would be fun to help out in the nursery at the first church service. There were 5 other babies in there with me. Mama had two other helpers with her though so that we all had a grown-up. I did so good!! I played in the swing, laid on the floor and played with a kick toy, and I got to try out an Exersaucer! I loved the exersaucer! Mama is going to look for one for me when ReRuns comes in March--she finds lots of goodies for me there!

I love you all and hope that you have a good Sunday!

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