Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My BIG day

It was a very busy day for me. I finally turned 4 months old. Mama and Daddy think I'm growing super fast--I am having fun doing it!

Mama and I spent the day together. I did a lot of playing and napping--don't you wish you could nap like I do?

Daddy came home so that we could all go to Dr. Arispe's office for my 4 month well-check visit. I am a BIG boy! I now weigh 18 pounds 4 1/4 ounces and am 25 3/4 inches long.

Dr. Arispe said that since I am so healthy with drinking the milk Mama gives me, that I don't need to start on cereal or food yet. But that if Mama and Daddy thought I was super hungry, they could try it. Well, since I heard Dr. Arispe say that, I figured I would be a very hungry boy tonight. So Mama went and got some rice cereal for me and gave me some. I didn't quite know what to think at first, but I ended up really enjoying it!

It was a quiet evening with Mama giving me my bath, singing me my songs, and praying with me as I drifted off to sleep. I am looking forward to another BIG day tomorrow!
I love you,


Papa & Grandma said...

Wow Benjamin!If you keep growing this fast you will have to start walking at 6 months because you will be too heavy for Mama to carry you.
We can hardly wait to see you tomorrow.
Papa and Grandma

Lori said...

Don't grow too fast, Benjamin! Soon Auntie Lori won't be able to carry you! You weigh what Kendra weighed at 9 months! Wow!

Auntie Lori