Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Thank you Jesus for the sunshine and great weather today! The kiddos and I headed out to the backyard this afternoon after rest time (we no longer have naps--according to Ben!) *wink, wink*

Here are some snapshots from our gloriously fun afternoon!

See! Spring is here!

The inaugural mowing of the lawn!

Nate kept asking where his ball was...

..."ball"! I snapped this while he was showing me the ball and saying ball!

Its a two-thumbs up kind of day!

Josie loved her first trip to the backyard-all smiles!

Her cute little tongue just cracks me up!

More mowing...

Nate in the clubhouse...with his ball...

This little bird had the sweetest little chirp...

...this bird's chip wasn't quite as sweet. But we had fun watching it every time it would fly overhead.

Still holding on to his ball!

Nate decided he would take a turn at mowing the lawn.

Ben decided his bear was hungry----so he decided to feed him just like Mama feeds Josie.

Sandbox....super fun, but was pretty messy considering the wind.

Strolling down the hill

Playing together

Nate's turn

We hope that spring is springing near you too!

All our love!

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living eventfully said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your babies are adorable. Blessings on your head ;-)