Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Polar Bear Cub Club

We had a fun time at the zoo's Polar Bear Cub Club kickoff breakfast this morning! My little monkeys got to sit next to the monkeys to eat breakfast! Here are some pictures from our day!

Monkey #1 Ben

Monkey #2 Nate

Monkeys #3 & #4

Grady the Penguin

Benjamin got to pet the penguin. Their feathers are so soft!!

Nate driving the safari truck

Ben climbing aboard!

We met our friends Jessie and Christopher this morning. Nate was fussing because he wanted to be *the* only kiddo to drive the safari truck. Jessie was very gentle with him!

Josie and Christopher hanging out in the stroller.

Our craft was to make flying fish. Ben got his fish to land in the "ocean".

Nate carrying his flying fish.

An action shot of Ben's flying fish.

I am not a *huge* reptile fan...but this was *the* coolest snake ever! Look at those eyes!

All our love!

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