Saturday, May 17, 2008

My new pool

This morning Mama and I went for a walk to the dollar store. We had a great time because the sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing! We needed to go to the dollar store to get a gift bag for my friend Lyla's birthday present. We found a great pool while we were there and it was packaged small enough that Mama could carry it in the bottom of the stroller.

It was also neat going to the store because we got to see a lot of motorcycles. It was such a nice day out that all of the motorcyclists met up so they could ride together. I really liked the ones with flames painted on them. We even saw a motor-tricycle!

All my love,

My new pool!

Standing in the "shallow" end

I think I'll go for a dip

Relaxing in the lounge chair after my swim

Mama got me this tug boat at a yard sale. I love it!

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Papa & Grandma said...

Looks relaxing. We wish we were there.
Love Kendra, Kelsie and Grandma