Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

This morning was really a lot of fun. Mama and I made May baskets for a lot of people and decided to deliver them. We started at Grandma Nina's work and delivered there. We then went to Open Door Mission to deliver a basket to Daddy and Miss Amy. While we were there, we delivered May flowers to my other friends that work there. We also went to Uncle TJ's work and delivered a May basket for him to take home for Miss Ashley, Preston and him. We also delivered a May basket to Grandma Jo and Uncle David. Grandma Nina let me cut some of her tulips to deliver as well. It was a lot of fun.

I have also discovered how much I like to draw pictures. All night long I was carrying around my pencil and pad of paper. Mama and Daddy had fun watching me color and tell stories while I did so.

All my love,


Sitting with all my May baskets to be delivered

Happy May Day Uncle TJ

Daddy has this dump truck in his office for me to play with. I delivered his May basket with it!

Grandma Jo and Uncle David admiring their May basket goodies

Relaxing with my pencil and pad of paper

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