Thursday, May 15, 2008

Children's Hospital

This morning was my appointment at Children's Hospital to meet Dr. Danford. He is a pediatric cardiologist. My pediatrician, Dr. Arispe, heard a murmer in my heart and thought it would be a good idea to visit Dr. Danford. Daddy took the morning off from work and we all went to the hospital for my tests. Mama took some pictures from our morning.

Snuggling my teddy bear as we head off to the hospital

Arriving at Children's Hospital

Look Mama, goldfish! Can I have one?

The neat whiteboard that I got to color on

Daddy and I playing and learning about time

The book cart came for a visit to my waiting room. I got a new book--it is all about counting

I wanted to read it right away. (At lunch, Mama read it to me about 8 times--it is that good!)

The nurse attaching all of my blue stickers getting ready for my EKG (Electro-Cardiogram)

See all of my stickers? I thought they were pretty neat at first, but I decided I didn't like them afterall. Mama blew bubbles to distract me from my test.

After my EKG, Dr. Danford sent Daddy, Mama and I for an Echo-Cardiogram. It was a lot better than the EKG because I got this neat lotion all over my chest and tummy. I also got to sing songs with Mama and Daddy while I laid on the table. The technician got over 70 pictures of my heart!

I'm a happy camper because Dr. Danford said I don't have to come back for another 5 years! Praise God for my healthy heart!

All my love,

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