Thursday, August 23, 2007

A lot to show you...

I thought I should put another blog post because Mama has been taking pictures like crazy!

She caught me yesterday peeking into the china cabinet....there is a flower vase in there that has a picture of a baby on it and I was being very curious!

This morning when Mama and I came home from our second class with Baby Boot Camp ( if you're interested in finding out what we're doing), and when we came home we discovered that Daddy was still home! So Mama took a shower since Daddy was still home. And when she got out of the shower, this is what she discovered...

This afternoon I re-discovered my fishy swing. Mama said that I'm too big to play in it, but she let me anyway since she was sitting right by my side.

The next exciting thing that happened this afternoon was a knock on the front door. Now this is a rare occurance at our house (except on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings now). Mama and I went to answer the door to discover the UPS man with a package for us! Yippee! We had fun opening the box but even more fun discovering what packing peanuts are! Inside the box there was a set of ceramic coasters and a ceramic coaster holder that Mama and I made in June when we went to Washington to visit. Here's what they look like...

The coasters in the coaster holder.

The coasters out of the holder. They are my handprints!
The inside of the coaster holder says "Mom & BMBC 6/11/07" (the date we made them).

Well, its dinner time and I need to get going. All my love,

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Papa & Grandma said...

It is great to be inquisitive Benjamin. I love your coasters. They are one of a kind, a real family treasure.
We love you.
Papa & Grandma