Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just to catch up...

Its been a couple of days since we wrote another blog entry. It was a good weekend.

Friday was my Uncle TJ's birthday. Mama and I called and wished him a happy birthday! I made a birthday card for him, but I wanted to deliver it to him in person instead of mailing it. So I'm going to give it to him next week when we're visiting Omaha!

Saturday Daddy had to work for a couple of hours in the morning. The City Rescue Mission had a breakfast for some of their donors and Daddy got to be a host at one of the tables. Mama and I stayed home and played for a while. Mama tried to make a new food concoction for me. Yogurt and rice cereal. I don't really think I ate any of it, but it sure was fun to play in!

I have also come to LOVE goldfish. If Mama puts more than one in front of me, I try to put them all in my mouth at once! I'm such a silly boy! Well Mama caught me saving one of the fish she gave me for later! Can you see where I hid it?

Sunday Mama helped out in the kids area at church again and I went to the nursery. Miss Caroline told Mama when she picked me up, that I was the best kid in there that day! She said I deserved the gold crown for the day!

My friend Ainsley came for a visit on Monday and played games with me for a couple of hours while her Mommy taught fitness classes at the mall. We had a fun time and we got along even better than the week before! Mama had Bible study tonight so Daddy and I had a guy's night. He taught me how to do a pile-driver! I don't quite get it yet, but one day I'll have my moves perfected!

This morning Mama and I took Daddy to work before heading to Lake Hefner for our Baby Boot Camp class. We came home and started playing. Mama was working on something in the kitchen so I decided to join her. To her surprise, I started licking the wall! It reminded her of the movie Willa Wonka and the lickable wallpaper! She went to get her camera and when she came back, I stopped! A few minuted later though, I started licking the dishwasher! I love being silly!

Well, Mama and I need to get going; its time to pick up Daddy from work!

All my love,

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