Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The big 10 (months that is)

Well, I turned 10 months old on Monday! Can you believe it? Mama keeps telling me that I need to stop growing--I just keep telling her that it just isn't going to happen! ;) wink, wink
I had a good 10 month old birthday. My new friend Ainsley came over for our first playdate together.

Mama also put up a new bookshelf in my room! Now I have room to keep all of my books in one spot!

I've been drooling a lot more, my top teeth are pushed through a little bit! They don't quite show enough for a picture, but just ask Mama, they're there!

Overall, a good day! All my love,


Papa & Grandma said...

You are getting big. Soon you will be one year old.

Papa & Grandma said...