Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy and I are still away visiting my family and friends in Wash St. Daddy could not come with us this time. He is at home working really hard. I will put some new pics of my trip when I get home this weekend.

Love you all


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Lori said...

Hi, Benjamin! I hope that you are having a wonderful visit with Grandpa Tom! I have always wanted to go to Washington. I hear that it is a beautiful state!

Have you seen the new pictures of Kelsie and Kendra on our blog? The pictures of Kendra's ballet recital are on it, and there are a few pictures of Kelsie also. I didn't put any of you and the girls on from your trip to NB because I forgot to ask Mommy if I could.

Can you ask Mommy to send me your new address? I have a few goodies to send down to you. I was going to bring them with us this summer, but I really want you to have them sooner. I have picked up a couple of new things...it's hard to not buy for such a cute boy!

Have a good trip home! I'm sure that you must charm everyone on the plane!


Auntie Lori