Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Safe and Sound

We're home safe and sound. We had a great visit in Washington. I got to see my Grandpa Tom and Grandma Jeannie, my cousins Janie, Jewel and Jade, the Kisman family, and so many more people! Mama and I had a great time. We're pretty tired but ready to spend time with Daddy. We missed him something awful being gone for 10 whole days! We did have some fun--would you like to see a few pictures? Here they are!

My love,

Playing with a balloon my cousins got for me....I was having a great time yanking it downwards.

Trying jello cubes for the first time. Boy did I make a mess! But I sure enjoyed it in the process.

Enjoying a visit to Spokane, WA. I got to meet so many new friends!

I even practiced trying to crawl. I am right on the brink of crawling, but not quite there. Mama thinks I'll be crawling within the next week or two.

Mama, Laurel, Melanie and I went and painted pottery on Monday. Mama helped me put my hand prints on a set of coasters. They turned out really great!

I got to spend a while at my Grandpa's work. I even got to sit on his desk!

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Lori said...

Hi, Benjamin! I'm glad that you had fun at Grandpa Tom's! I'm sure you charmed him as much as you charmed us!

You look so close to crawling! You had better warn Mama to get her sneakers on so that she can keep up with you! What fun you will have exploring everything and getting into things!

Uncle Carl has been busy getting the pad ready for our new pool. We bought a BIG one this year! We hope that we will be able to have it filled by next weekend! There will be so much more room in it! We'll put pictures of it on our blog when we get it up. It has been a family effort to get it ready, but Uncle Carl is so wonderful as a husband and Daddy and is doing most of the work. We just have to make sure that he takes breaks!

Kendra's ballet recital went well...she was a star! Her pictures are on the blog, too! She did such a wonderful job. We are VERY proud of her!

Kelsie is excited to be going on her insulin pump on Tuesday. We have been counting down the days and needles that she has to take beforehand!

We love you! Glad that you are safely home!


Auntie Lori