Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last Night

Mommy and I welcomed Daddy home with a scavenger hunt. We started with a clue on the front door for him when he got home. He did a great job and found us waiting for him in the dining room. We were sitting there with a candle light spaghetti dinner awaiting him! He was happy we welcomed him home in such a fun way.
Today Mommy and I are just hanging out at home. Today is the 16th consecutive day with rain here in Oklahoma City. It hasn't rained all day, but it has rained some and is pretty yucky out. God must know that we need it to get us through the hot summer.
Well, I'm off to play.
Trying to place the star block where it belongs
Hiding in my toy box and loving it!
All my love,

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Lori said...

You'll have to come to NB...We've had some rain, but lots of sun, too! It's been nice and warm. We finished putting up the pool and had the water delivered yesterday, so Kelsie and Kendra have been swimming, even though the temperature of the water yesterday was only 50 degrees, and today it was up to 64 degrees.