Sunday, May 20, 2007

Winding Down

Well, the weekend is winding down. It has been a very busy but great weekend. Mama, Daddy and I arrived here in Perth-Andover last Tuesday evening around 9 p.m. We had a great time with Papa and Grandma before the other family members started rolling in. I got to meet my Great Gramie and Great Grampie Jamer, and all of my Grandma and Papa's brothers and sisters! There were too many cousins to count! I got to spend the most time with my cousins Kelsie, Kendra and Samuel. I sure did have a lot of fun with them. Most everyone has gone home now. You might be asking what the big gathering was for?!?! Well, my Great Gramie and Great Grampie Jamer celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Praise God for His blessings!

Mama and Daddy have been taking lots of pictures from our trip. We won't be able to show them to you until we're back home in Oklahoma City (Mama forgot her USB cable show she can't put them on Grandma's computer).

We will be leaving Tuesday morning to go back to Portland, Maine. We're going to spend 3 1/2 days with MacKenzie, Sophie, Cat and Andy. Mama used to live with them in New York and help watch after MacKenzie and Sophie. I am excited to meet them too!

Well, I am pooped after being passed from relative to relative. I am going to head for a nap....

All my love,

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Lori said...

Hi, Benjamin! I hope you had a good trip home and a good visit with Mama's friends in Portland! The girls still talk about seeing you and how much fun they had with you!

We can't wiat until the pictures that we had done at Wal-mart with you arrive. Hopefully they will soon be here!


Auntie Lori, Uncle Carl, Kelsie and Kendra