Monday, May 7, 2007

Busy Day

Well, Mama and I had a busy day today. Daddy woke Mama up this morning at 7:30 because he wanted her to see if there really was a leak in the wall like he was hearing. Indeed, there was! So Daddy called the maintenance men at 7:30 this morning to get them over quickly. So, Mama and I had a house full of maintenance men until around 11:00 this morning! Here are a couple of pictures of the craziness!
Our carpet got so wet, they had to pull out the carpet pad and bring in this blower! It was VERY noisy....

The water soaked through the wall so much, the paint was bubbling. The men had to cut and peel away the paint so the sheetrock would dry.

In order to find the leak, they had to remove the ceiling tiles!

Mama wanted me to share these pictures with you too. She says that I am "just too cute!" If you can't read my onesie, it says "Chicks Dig My Tractor".....Mama says both of these pictures make me look like I"m up to something......

Well, that's all for now. All my love,

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