Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Grandma's Last Day--this time around

Today started out really nicely. I started out by praying in my sleep. Mama caught me in the act!
Then after Mama and Daddy's new bedroom furniture arrived, Grandma, Mama and I went down to Daddy's work for a tour. It was great! Grandma and Mama decided it would be a good afternoon to go walking at one of the malls here. We went walking for a couple of hours. Mama and Grandma stopped and looked in some of the stores to see if they could find any good deals on things for me. Gymboree was THE spot! Mama found a long sleeved shirt and a pullover vest for me. Grandma found me a raincoat and a cowboy hat! Here I am wearing my cowboy hat proudly. This picture was taken at dinner at the Smokey Bones BBQ Joint--go figure, cowboys and bbq!
Grandma and Daddy made May Baskets when Daddy was little. So since it is May 1, Grandma thought it would be a great idea for me to have my very first May Basket. It sure was a good idea. Look at the creation Grandma made me! She even put a couple of peppermints in it for me! Too bad I can't actually have them....
Well, its getting late and our family needs to head to bed. We have to send Grandma home tomorrow. All my love,

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Tom said...

Dear Benjamin,

Just thought I'd take a minute to say hi and tell you that I am a faithful reader of your blog. Ireally enjoy reading about all your adventures!

Grandpa Tom