Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update from Papa Ron

"Arrived in Bujumbura on schedule just after midnight in the midst of heavy rain and lightning. Elie and Japhet were there to meet me. Both send greetings. .
I got a good night's sleep last night and feel almost human today. It is overcast, hot and humid today.
Japhet just called a few minutes ago saying that we could not get to Mutambu today because heavy rain has made the roads very bad and bridges are washed out as well.So much for the January dry season,I guess! The members in Mutambu will try to find a way to get to Bujumbura tomorrow and I can meet with them here.
It appears that wet weather might be a problem although Mutambu is the only real isolated camp on the itinerary.this time. Pray for favourable weather and good roads."

Ron is spending some time in Burundi through the beginning of Feb. If you'd be praying for him and the local Gideon's as they work hard to spread the love of Christ!

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