Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow and the Pizza Machine!!!

The two most exciting things that could happen in one day!

Benjamin taking a picture of the snow with his camera

Showing me the picture of his camera (like we do when we take a picture with our digital camera)

A picture of it snowing (Benjamin took this picture)

Benjamin climbing the up into the playground at Pizza Machine

Our friend Luke at the playground with us!

Benjamin running and playing

Benjamin and Luke playing at the playground

Benjamin and Luke playing the fireman/water game at Pizza Machine

Daddy and Benjamin playing the hammer game

Benjamin driving the semi-truck

Peeking out of the semi-truck

Riding the carousel

Our friends Luke and Janet on the carousel

Nathaniel playing at the Pizza Machine

Nathaniel and Mama 'riding' the carousel

Mama and her boys 'riding' the train!
Until next time!

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