Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January 2009

Again, I am terribly behind. I am just going to make this post a few of the exciting things that have been going on around our house here in January!

Snuggling our Tads together in Nate's crib

Daddy and Nate

Mama and Ben

Ben and Nate
Ben showing Nate how to spit water out during bath time.....Nate is holding a cup catching it!

Ben and his friend Lyla playing at her house...he loved her kitchen!

Nate playing at Lyla's house

Nate rolled over! I was helping Ben and the next thing I saw was Nate on his stomach!

After I caught him on his tummy, I tried getting him to roll over again

Ben also tried helping me by holding a toy out for Nate. He didn't roll over again this day

Look at his beautiful eyes!

Ben, Nate and our friend Joey. Joey came for a playtime

Nate chewing on a bunny rabbit

Ben chewing on a butterfly

The next set of pictures are a series of shots that I took while Benjamin was trying to feed Nathaniel. Apparently Nathaniel was hungry and Benjamin just wanted to help!
Benjamin getting Nathaniel positioned

If you look closely, you'll notice Benjamin's shirt is pushed up

Benjamin pulling Nate towards him

Benjamin looked at me and said "Mama" and pointed to his belly button! Too cute!
I've got some more January pictures I'd like to share, but it is 10 minutes after 11 pm and I need to get some rest. More tomorrow night!

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Amanda said...

Patti, your boys are so beautiful! I love that Ben tried to help feed Nate. Too cute!!!