Sunday, September 7, 2008

Papa and Lala visit

This is the sign that Mama and I made for Papa and Lala before they came. It says, "Welcome Grandma & Papa".

Each morning I got to help Papa shave. It was really great when he helped me to shave!

Lala let me learn how to take pictures with her camera. Do you think I have a photography future ahead of me? I like to call this "Toast"

Lala loved to snuggle Nathaniel and I. We loved to snuggle her back!

Here I am washing my moose. Mama lets me help out around the house with a squirt bottle and washrag. My favorite thing to wash is my moose.

Nathaniel got two new stuffed animals. One from Kelsie and one from Kendra. Can you guess which animal is from which cousin?

Papa and I went into the backyard this afternoon to play. Here I am climbing the steps.

Here I am sliding!

After sliding, Papa and I helped my Grandma Nina dig in the dirt.

All our love,

Benjamin and Nathaniel

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