Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nebraska City, Nebraska

Today was the AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Nebraska City is about an hour south of Omaha. Mama and Daddy looked up the local apple orchard information so that we could spend the afternoon picking apples. Here is a photo montage of our adventures.

I fell asleep on the way to Nebraska City!

Nina and I watching the pony rides

I found my first apple!

Nina and I picking apples together

Daddy and I picking apples together!

What should I do now?

I think I'll try one of these delicious looking apples!

Or find a tree with apples at just my height.

Mama and I picking an apple together

Walking through the orchard with Nina

The whole gang

Mama thought it would be fun to have our picture taken in the corn

so did Daddy

Nathaniel was there at the orchard with us. He slept most of the time, but woke up just in time for a picture with me under an apple tree.

When we got back to Omaha, we stopped at Grandma JoJo's house to share our delicious apples with her. Mama, Nina and Nathaniel got in a picture with Grandma JoJo--four generations!

Mama took a minute to try a fun picture with Nathaniel. Grandma Lala got this outfit for Nate and I shared my balls and bat with him.

All our love,

Benjamin and Nathaniel

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