Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some updated pictures

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I've been a busy boy with Mama and Daddy. I'm growing like a weed and enjoying every minute of it. Here are some pictures of my days!

Daddy and I on the balance beam at Gymboree

I loved all of the toys at Gymboree

Mommy and I playing in the tubes at Gymboree

The tubes were almost at tall at me

Mommy's glider broke. Daddy and I tried to fix it

I spilled some water. I even licked the carpet, blah!

Getting used to my toddler bed. I will sleep on this when my baby arrives

Daddy brought me my first basketball jersey from Los Angeles.
Daddy thinks that I can play like KOBE

My before picture at my first salon haircut


Drinking from the faucet

I love my bathtime

All my love,

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Papa & Grandma said...

Kendra@7Wow Benjamin!
You are getting so big! Only 10 more sleeps and Grandma gets to see you.
Grandma and Papa