Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Benjamin discovering what was under the tree!

Playing with the forklift Mama and Daddy got him (the biggest hit of the day)

Nathaniel "opening" his presents

Benjamin opening his next gift; from Lala and Papa

Helping Daddy find the right piece for the next part of the train track

Playing with the train set from Lala and Papa. Daddy and Benjamin worked on setting it up for quite a long while!

Nathaniel playing with his doggy from Ashleigh..he loved giving his doggy kisses!

Nathaniel playing with his musical butterfly from Grandma Nina

A big fluffy beanbag chair from Grandma Nina! Say cheese!

Benjamin and Nathaniel enjoying the beanbag chair together! Such great brothers!

Nathaniel is no longer needing help sitting up. He is growing so fast!

Naptime finally arrived....the boys passed out....


Benjamin figured that Nathaniel needed to talk on the phone

After dinner, Benjamin, Daddy and Grandma Nina decided to go look at Ho Ho Lights (what Benjamin likes to call them).

Nathaniel and I stayed home and watched "The Nutcracker" on pbs.

We also played on the floor....

....and decided we wanted to reach for our toes and roll on our side....

....luckily, that's as far as he made it. I don't think I'm ready for two kids on the move....I know the day will come though!

Thankfully, we ended the best Christmas (so far) with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads!

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Sheryl said...

Great pictures. The last picture of Nathaniel sleeping by the tree is precious.
Have a great New Year!